Carolyn Cadaver McKnight, Head Tattoo Artrist Portfolio

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America’s Best Tattoos Head Tattoo Artist, Carolyn Cadaver McKnight is not your average artist. Born in Rhode Island, Carolyn was immersed in art from the moment she could pick up a pencil. Studying at Massart and RISD, (Rhode Island School of Design), Carolyn’s need to constantly create new art eventually led her to begin tattooing in 2004. Taking to tattooing with natural form, Carolyn went on to win multiple awards for her skill and invention thought the International tattoo convention scene, even becoming one of the first tattoo artists to be officially licensed by George Lucas, (Star Wars), to tattoo authorized Star Wars convention tattoos.

Carolyn’s unique tattoo experience specializes in photo/hyper realism, 3D, portraits,and can pull off just about any tattoo challenge. Her ability to cover-up tattoos other shops turn away as “unfixable” has made her Florida’s premier artist for difficult cover-up work & incredibly original custom designs. Carolyn ability to capture amazing levels of detail in her work is only matched by her ability to bond with her clients and always send them home smiling with more than they ever expected or paid for.">

Having had her work featured in Tattoo, Inked, Prick, Skin Deep Magazine, Carolyn’s husband, Michael McKnight, of national rock band Soulidium, Urged Carolyn to try out for the L.A. tattoo reality show, Best Ink. Shortly after submitting for the opportunity, Carolyn was hand selected out of thousands of artist applicants to become one of 12 contestants for the second season of Oxygen Media’s hit show Best Ink.

Carolyn went on to join Host Pete Wentz, (Fallout Boy), Tattoo artist Joe Capobianco, Pinup model Sabina Kelley, Portrait tattoo specialist, Hannah Aitchison, and 11 other contestants for the season premier of Best Ink which was announced in a 5 page write up in the April 2013 edition of Tattoo Magazine.

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